• AJK00022
7/16" OD Tygon® 2375 Chemical Resistant Tubing for Food and Beverage Applications
  • Sold and Priced in 50ft Rolls - call for qty discounts!
  • I.D 5/16
  • O.D 7/16
  • Wall 1/16

Clear Tubing for Food & Beverage Applications Tygon 2375 chemical resistant tubing for food and beverage applications offers an unequaled combination of chemical resistance, clarity and flexibility. It is virtually unaffected by acids, bases, ketones, salts, and alcohols (see Relative Chemical Resistance Properties chart on the Tygon 2375 datasheet). Tygon 2375 Chemical Resistant Tubing is entirely free of plasticizers, eliminating fluid contamination as well as premature embrittlement and cracking common with many other flexible tubing products. It also offers safe disposal. When properly incinerated, it does not release hazardous and corrosive hydrochloride gas, which contributes to acid rain.

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