• AZY02008
3/8" OD Versilon™ C-544-A-IB Polyurethane Pressure Tubing
  • Sold and Priced in 100ft Rolls - call for qty discounts!
  • I.D 1/8
  • O.D 3/8
  • Wall 1/8

Multi-Purpose, Abrasion Resistant Tubing More flexible than many other reinforced urethane tubing, Versilon C-544-A IB tubing can often be used in applications requiring a tight bend radius where other tubes have collapsed and failed. Versilon C-544-A IB tubing also retains much of its unique flexibility even at temperatures as low as -100°F (-73°C). Specially formulated from tough ether-based polyurethane resins, Versilon C-544-A IB tubing is ideal for use in some of the most physically demanding applications. When exposed to abrasive conditions,the excellent wear properties of Versilon C-544-A IB tubing frequently outperforms traditional rubber, plastic and metal materials.

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  • $541.42