• TSPK38-0062-011
.062 O.D Versilon™ PEEK Flexible, Capillary Tubing supplied and priced in package qty of 250'

  • 250' Package Qty
  • O.D .062
  • I.D .040
  • Wall .011

  • "High-Pressure, Corrosion Resistant Tubing Versilon PEEK capillary tubing is designed specifically for the demands of high-pressure chromatography (HPLC). More corrosion resistant than stainless steel, Versilon PEEK tubing is strong enough to take the pressure of 5000 psi. Versilon PEEK tubing is close in heat-resistance and chemical- resistance properties compared to PTFE, but it is structurally strong and abrasion-resistant. It does not leach, and it is unaffected by continuous exposure to steam.

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  • $820.75

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