• FBPFAF-0312-031-50
0.3125 O.D Versilon™ PFA-F Beverage Dispensing Tubing supplied and priced in package qty of 50'

  • 50' Package Qty
  • O.D 0.3125
  • I.D 0.25
  • Wall .031

  • High Purity, Flexible Tubing Saint-Gobain's stringent material quality control, state-of-the-art process control and food and beverage regulatory compliance expertise are why food and beverage dispensing equipment manufacturers use Versilon™ PFA-F tubing. Versilon™ PFA-F tubing provides excellent chemical resistance and a good diffusion-resistance.

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  • Brand: Versilon Saint Gobain
  • Product Code: TYG FBPFAF-0312-031-50
  • Availability: Confirmed After Ordering
  • $204.40

This product has a minimum quantity of 60

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